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To help control fat absorption and weight-loss support when on a calorie-controlled diet while engaging in moderate exercise.
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A diet poor in fiber can result in a slow intestinal transit time leading to intestinal discomfort. As a result, waste, including unwanted fats, remains longer in the digestive tract and is more likely to be absorbed. Thermo-Bond may help speed the passage of food through the digestive system, supporting good health and weight management.

Key Benefits

  • Natural plant fibers combine with your food intake to control fat absorption when on a calorie-controlled diet while engaging in moderate exercise.

Directions / Usage

Take one to two tablets three times a day with food.

Suggested Usage

Use as part of your preferred Herbalife Weight-Management Program.

Fast Facts

  • Includes cellulose, apple, acacia, oat and citrus fibers.
  • May help create a feeling of fullness and promote regularity.

Additional Information

Common misspellings: thermobond Old SKU #0103

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90 Tablets - #0167 *

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