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Herbalife Programs

Whether your goal is weight loss or weight maintenance, Herbalife has a program thatís right for you. Feel satisfied, not deprived, with our delicious, filling shakes and flavorful snacks. And optimize energy and health with our advanced herbal supplements.

Herbalife Programs

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Herbalife Program Usage Summary

Best Seller: Herbalife QuickStartHerbalife QuickStart
Healthy weight loss made simple.

Best Seller: Herbalife QuickStart Protein PlusHerbalife QuickStart Protein Plus
Healthy weight loss with protein flexibility for hunger control.

Best Seller: Herbalife AdvancedHerbalife Advanced
Healthy weight loss with enhancers.

Best Seller: Herbalife Advanced Protein PlusHerbalife Advanced Protein Plus
Weight loss with enhancers and protein flexibility.

Herbalife UltimateHerbalife Ultimate
Personalized weight management with enhancers that help boost your metabolism, resist sweets, rev up your energy, fight hunger and more.

Best Seller: Herbalife Ultimate Protein PlusHerbalife Ultimate Protein Plus
Personalized weight management with enhancers and extra protein that help boost your metabolism, resist sweets, rev up your energy, fight hunger and more.

Best Seller: Herbalife Starter KitHerbalife Starter Kit
Kit includes shaker, button, spoon, pen, tablet box, and more!

Shaker Cup (Single)Shaker Cup (Single)
Ergonomically friendly shaker with spout for drinking and an "aerofoil" for easier mixing.

Deluxe Shaker CupDeluxe Shaker Cup
A sturdy and portable 16oz. container that comes with a surgical-grade stainless steel wire whisk ball inside.

Just starting out, hitting a weight loss plateau, or not seeing results?
Add the 21-Day Herbal Cleansing Program to help eliminate toxins from your body and helps with nutrient absorption. Just 2 AM tablets in the morning, and 2 PM tablets at night. Only 4 times a year on the 21-Day is recommended.

Cellular Nutrition
Cellular Nutrition is the cornerstone of the Herbalife Program. Herbalife Cellular Nutrition products are scientifically balanced to nourish cells for optimal metabolism, growth, repair and reproduction. This helps to ensure that the nutrients your body needs daily are absorbed and delivered throughout your body at the cellular level. As a result, you experience more energy and easier weight loss with Herbalife.

Also known as: Herbalife Programs

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